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(1)All kinds of Batteries: Li-ion, Li-Polymer, lithium primary, Ni-Cd, NiMH, lead-acid, VRLA, Carbon Zinc, alkaline manganese, zinc-air, Ni-Zn, Na-S, fuel cells, solar cells and supply systems, super-capacitors, other new battery types and thermoelectric cooling modules;

(2)Battery manufacturing equipments, testing instruments, chargers, raw materials and components for all kinds of batteries;

(3)Battery management system and battery packs for mobile and wireless phones, notebook PC, digital camera and camcorders, MP3/MP4 players, Mobile DVD players, EV/HEV, electric bicycles, power tools, portable game, emergency lighting, UPS and other energy storage and stand-by power systems;

(4)All kinds of power batteries(such as power tools, electric bicycle, EV and HEV), energy storage batteries and related materials, equipment and instruments.

(5)Battery recycle technologies and processing equipments.