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Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center is

 An exquisitely carved “crystal palace”
 A city landmark with fantastic charms of modern construction

 A brilliant stage where more than exhibitions themselves are shown

 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center is a super large public construction with multi-functions of hosting

 exhibitions and conventions, business activities, restaurants, and entertainment events.

 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center is located in downtown area of the city. It is the largest single

 building in Shenzhen.

 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center has very powerful and advanced function in terms of hosting
 exhibitions and conventions. There are nine exhibition halls on the first floor, which total 105,000 square
 meters, adequate for a large exhibition of 5,000 international-standard booths. The largest hall is around

 30,000 square meters.

 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center owns advanced facilities, complete supporting systems, and
 convenient transportation. The geographic advantages of Shenzhen city and our modern management

 concepts will definitely give your business activities better support in every possible dimension.


 Shenzhen—an international city near Hong Kong, which is the most fast city on economic growth in China, is

 your best choice to develop the market.


 Shenzhen is a beautiful ecological garden beach city with pleasant weather of four seasons. It has beautiful
 surroundings and rich tourist resources.